OP Feng Mao Build
  • Hero: Feng Mao
  • Last updated: 9 months ago

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Build Guide

Welcome to my OP Feng Mao build. The 6 cards you see below is somewhat where my end build is. 3-6 is always how I end up building with slot 1-2 there for whatever I need to go into either more damage, life steal or physical pen. 

Let me start off with what I use early game which is not shown below. 1st card I slot is a Rust-Breaker w/ 3..1 point strike cards. 2nd card is a Flashfire Piston w/ 2 point Kinetic and 2..2 point strike. What I do with these cards is build for good damage early game knowing that mid game I will be discarding them for late game cards. Change up the upgrades if need be to whatever you have available to you.

Late game: Ok like I said above slot 3-6 are always where I end up at and I usually discard early game cards when I have slot 4 and 6 fully built. Slot 1 and 2 are where ever you want to go depending on what the opponents are building. If  you want some life steal or pen go for it or if you just want more damage you will have the cards and cp for it. I don' always max out with 6 cards built so I build for alot of damage based off of 4 cards and usually Im right around 850 crits after 4 cards. 

Thanks for checking out my build and feel free to ask me any questions and make this build your own in anyway!