Give'em the D Build
  • Hero: Dekker
  • Last updated: 8 months ago

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Build Guide

This build is total support with a little bit of damage to keep DPS relevant, especially during team fights. The main goal is to be as annoying to the other team as possible and set up your teammates for kills. If you do it good enough you might even end up with a few kills yourself on accident. Assists are the goal here however. 

As for abilities, start with one in each but start with and max stasis bomb 1st. Level slow bubble 2nd, ULT/LMB as they become available, and RMB last. 

An extra point in RMB can be dropped in as you level slow bubble if the extra escape distance is needed depending on how your game is going. Just remember to support your team and not be front line and you should be fine. 

Start with mana/health pots and basic key (sell key immediately after 3 minute harvester for lords ward).

Progress through items as 3/4/5/6 then sell mana/health for 1/2 (respectively).

health/2 can be swapped in before 6 if your team has no tank and needs a health boost. 

Other tips:

Max your shot distance on stasis bomb for longer stuns. Also remember that stasis bomb only stuns on direct hits with the projectile as it bounces. 

Don't doom your team mates with your ULT, meaning don't trap them in and run away. Stay with it to tear it down (activate again) if your teammates are losing. Only use if there is a CLEAR advantage (one enemy is justifiable use.) 

Also feel free to swap out upgrades with their colored/universal counter-parts, what you see is what I have.