The Smell of Battle Build
  • Hero: Grux
  • Last updated: 8 months ago

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Build Guide

Hello, I'm Arian( or Shiro) and I've been playing Grux for 24+hrs in-game time. Been through the Online Tests, the huge nerf, and now the passive removal into v.27

Grux is why I love Paragon, he's a bruiser that gets the thrill of the hunt. Bleeding foes and causing a lot of AoE(Area of Effect) damage through his melee attacks and infamous pull that was recently buffed with more range. He's had a rough time, and this is more of a build that I have in progress due to the lack of cards I have.

How I start

Level 1 Start I get my Smash and Grab, Health Potion, and a Exectuioner's Key. Yes, this is mainly a jungle build, but you can take the key out for a Flashfire Piston if you wish to do a Solo Lane/Support kind of role. That's the beauty of Grux, he's melee close quarters, but still versatile.

Early Game

Grux probably has one of the more weaker early games due to his high mana costs, and only having 401 mana at level 15. So, he takes a lot of mana management in order for him to feel successful, otherwise he may seem like a 'bad' character. Trust me though, he is definitely stronger with all the v.27 changes, especially due to being able to Rank up Double Pain very fast(Explained below.) :D Typically what I will do is stay with my solo laner(random or pre-made) and farm his lane up to level 2 and 3 Power(Card Points) then I'll go and do the white minion camps after that. You can try to look for a early kill with Smash and Grab, but it really isn't important. Kills are great, but early game is always about farm, especially for Grux. I'll get the two minion camps nearest to my solo laner, then grab a harvester due to Executioner's Key, then usually either head back to base if injured from a fight, or go to the other side for the other two white camps. Then, grab the second base harvester(Exectuioner's Key has 2 charges, that recharge everytime you go back to base.) Finally, back to base for Card/Power point spending. Only after doing that, would I attempt to solo Red/Blue buffs. If you are pre-made you can always do the white camps and Power buff(Red or Blue, depending on what lane you prefer to solo) together for more efficient experience allocation. But again, this is all just personal preference from me. So, you do you booboo. 

Leveling Phases

Grux has had many issues with early game due to all the nerfs, then here comes v.27 and makes leveling SO much easier since we don't have to level LMB(Left Mouse Button) and have to sacrifice a ability by leaving out those two levels. Grux is actually very powerful in early stages now because you can rush his RMB(Right Mouse Button) wich is named Double Pain. Double Pain is a hard hitting auto attack modifier that strikes in a crescent in front of him, which also applies a Bleed(Percentile DoT((Damage over Time)) that scales with targets Maximum HP.) Due to this ability capping at Rank 4, you can easily get your jungle farm and have a ability that has a ~9second Cooldown that hits for 200 damage, and applies a DoT. Plus, you don't have to sacrifice auto attack damage to do this anymore, it's a win-win. So for leveling I will now always rush Double Pain to Rank 4, then Smash and Grab, then Charge, while finally(upgrading whenever this ability is available) leveling Warlord's Challenge. The DoT that Double Pain provides gives faster clear then using Smash and Grab while also conserving mana. Smash and Grab can be leveled if you want the damage for it, but I'd rather just have the long distance pull and use Double Pain for a guaranteed 200 damage with a Bleed stack on my target. 

Card Points? What should be my build order?!

A main key between a great player and a good player, is not only skill, but build order. In this case, what card and upgrades to get first. Though, I'll make this clear. This is all personal opinion on my playstyle and lack of Cards that I do not have, I will have a fully listed build for cards that I want to replace(I.E. Thirstfang isn't my ideal lifesteal card, but it is strong enough to work for me.) Grux relies on attack speed, always has since OTs. Even if you have a lot of crit, which now isn't so good for him, you needed that extra few swings per second. So, with all that stated I love to get Windcarver Blade as my fist backing item. So your build would be a Health Potion, Executioner's Key, Windcarver Blade. Yes, my Windcarver is a 12 Point Total(Upgrades and Cards cost Power/Card Points which then add up to a total of that Cards worth. Each Character can hold up to 60 of these points for build optimization.) card that you have to get first, which sometimes is unusual. I do this because I'll be focusing on health styled damage items so having this extra damage early on helps smooth things out. Again, for my playstyle. My Windcarver will have as you see, 2 Major Strike, and 1 Major Kinetic. For me, I feel this is just enough attack speed for my Grux gameplay. After that, I will get my Adamant Edge, into either Tuned Barrier or Tempered Plate, into Voidsteel Dagger to counteract armor being built during the mid-game phases, into Thirstfang/Amor as my last two items. Sometimes I will get lifesteal early, if I am doing well and not really taking a whole lot of damage. This is what I would recommend if you want to follow this build, but go ahead and have all the fun you want with it. :P

The Final Build(Work in Progress): 1. Windcarver Blade 2. Adamant Edge 3. Armor Item(Typically choose the type that the enemy has the most of.) I.E. 4 Energy Damage picks, means I would get Tuned Barrier over Tempered Plate so that I can lead teamfights a bit easier. 4. Voidsteel Dagger(Or another variant Pen item, Voidsteel just has pretty good stats for a basic Penetration Card.) 5. IF YOU HAVE THE CARD, I would replace Thirstfang with a Cup of The Vampire(Another lifesteal card that gives 20% Bonus lifesteal to any target that is bleeding as a Unique Passive.) and 6. Armor card, of either Energy or Armor resistances.

Final Build stats: HP 2960, Atk Damage 197, Resistances of 207.9 for Energy and Physical, Attack speed of ~137ish(Can't remember the level 15 Atk Spd final stat, but it is close to there.) 401 Mana(This is unchanged, so Grux passively has a low mana pool, which is why he reuqires a lot of mana management...and blue buff.)

Build Playstyle

Typically due to the work of this build, you are a dueler/fighter. You can easily win 1v1s, and even manage to fight 1v2s and sometimes 1v3s if you have the skill enough to dodge and time their abilities against them. You will do very well in teamfights since most players try to focus down a Grux thinking they'll be squishy, which only lets your team get away with a lot of abilities at the cost of being unscathed. :P So for this, you'll typically look for a decent Smash and Grab(At least 2 people within a teamfight is good enough to turn them on their faces) and as they land in front of you, you will RMB(Double Pain) and begin to apply the HP DoT on all those you just pulled. Warlord's Challenge is a okay ult, or it can be a fantastic ult. Use this ability to interrupt the enemy ults. When Gideon begins to spin(The animation for Black Hole, his ultimate) you can counter with yours and stop his ult entirely, this just takes careful timing. You'll get the hang of it! This hurts the enemy team a lot due to you having extra damage and DoTs with your auto attacks, while their Gideon becomes nothing more than a stubborn flea. You can also do this to Gideon's Teleport ability, when you begin to see his arm arch back like he is about to throw a all-time record fast ball. Warlord's Challenge can also be used as Feng Mao leaps into the air to trigger his ult, stopping him in his tracks and putting him out of position in the worst way. So, don't be too hasty with Warlord's Challenge, the damage boost is nice, but the 0.5 Second Stun is a CRUCIAL tool that you can use to your advantage to turn a teamfight completely around in your favor. Other playstyles besides mechanics of abilities are thinking like a Warrior. Getting up in the face of the backline to get the tanks on you, instead of your carries. You are the aggressive support, beat the poop out of that Murdock or Twinblast with your Clubs of Justice and troll that Steel ult, by using Charge when you see the Orange Ring(The Indicator that a ability of the enemy is being used) from Steel's Ult(He'll leap into the air and knock-up anyway caught in the impact zone, usually combined with a card known as Shockwave that knocks up enemies every 120 seconds) and flawlessly avoid his tactics to destroy you. If you manage to not only get the tanks to ult you, but dodge them in the process, this only makes your team THAT much more powerful in the fight. You just saved them from getting bursted down within seconds! Good job! <3

End Notes

Grux is my most favorite character, and though I may not have the best cards or most optimal choices. I provided my build to those that don't have those choices, like my self. I lack many of the better cards, so I have to substitute a lot of different ideas, which is why some of the upgrades seem a bit awkward. This build goes on par with almost every Grux I have fought, unless they have Cup of The Vampire. That card is very powerful, considering you get 20% bonus lifestealf on bleeding targets. Where Double Pain bleeds, and your Ult causes Bleeding DoTs for the duration of the damage buff with every auto attack. So, if you are suffering and just can't get that build to feel powerful enough to combat some of the luckier card pulls, then come over here, take a read. Maybe learn a few things or two, and leave a Thumbs Up, or Down if you disapprove. ^.^ 

Thanks for the Feedback, and see you on the Battlefields of Agora, Paragonians!