Useless build early game/Distroyer of worlds LATE Build
  • Hero: Sparrow
  • Last updated: 8 months ago

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Hey there,

As i have reached LVL 50 , i thought I should celebrate by sharing my Sparrow Deck ( main ).

Sparrow has no escape options, therefore the best thing to do is lane and gather as many card points as fast as possible.

If you lane alone you will get ganked for sure, no doubt there, you are the easiest kill possible.

Therefore you WARD!!! Shadow Ward to be exact. That's why I start with :

1) Brawlers Ward - 2 Shadow Wards , 75 mana , 7.58DMG. Extra mana helps with the Hail of Arrows which is your primary source of minion shredding and also your only "defence" . It may keep the enemy from you ( small chances ) .

YOU DO NOT DISCARD THIS ITEM UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO EQUIP THE FINAL CARD ( FERAL STONE ) , unless you ahead of the enemy team with quite a few card points.

The Upgrade order is from RIGHT to LEFT ( discard brawler so you can equip feral stone).

The drawback of this build is the low DMG/shot. Fully build you hit around 450-500 critical, but very FAST. 

In late game when you have your LifeDrain comes in places the beauty of Sparrow ULT . The 3 shots do not go trough enemies but they go trough minions. It means that for every enemy ( hero+minion) hit you drain damage, with minions around , you can heal around 300-400life / shot

After the .27 update the Invigorate ability is gone ( gave you extra attack speed for next 3 shots ) and the Relentess passive took it's place.Upgrade this ability along with Haill of Arrows and you can push a lane like no other. ( Iggy lovers .... please don't. I am right :D ).

Try take as many towers as possible, I even go Kamikaze for a 2nd tier tower.

Always help your teammates and don't forget the most important part .... SPLIT PUSH !