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  • Last updated: 8 months ago

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Hey Guys and Gals,

Here's what I've been running with for Dekker, I've been playing her a fair bit now and she is definitely my #1 choice champion.  I've had some solid success with her and I made my Deck/build on my own.  I have no idea if anyone will agree with what I build into but I figured i'd post and you guys can decide.

Since the patch, Dekker has obviously gotten much much stronger. The change to her Ult was awesome and overall the change to her stun made it much better (Mid to late game).  I feel like with the auto attack changes (scaling per level) it's helped Dekker hit harder.  Previously I didn't spend points in her Auto attack so getting it leveled for free helps with her dps.  That, and her stun being so good and hitting hard makes Dekker not just a control support, but can help really put the finishing touches on a kill.

In terms of abilities I usually go, Stun, slow bubble, jump, then every chance I get, stun, unless I can upgrade Ult, then Slow bubble and finish with the Jump.

to Start the game I grab a health, a ward, a mana.  To each their own when it comes to opening cards, I keep it simple and having the heal and mana allows me to push to 9 cards before I back.  I usually lane until 9 cards then back unless the other team forces me to back sooner.

At 9 cards I take circlet of health with 3X Mana cards. Dekker needs mana because she's so ability dependant and I like having the rolling health regen for me and my team. Next I build up my Cool down with a pendulum of Lords with 1x adv chrono and 2x Chrono.  With Dekker I like to get to the 40% CD reduction cap, but depending on my defensive card (building against Physical or energy see what is on the opposing team) I sometimes end at 37.5% CD reduction. My next choice on what I build into depends on how the game is going.  If my team has a big lead I build into dmg with a chronospike with 1X major Cast and 2X cast.  If not I decide between a lantern of Spring with 2X Greater Guard and 1X guard or a snakevine Mevish with 2X Greater barrier and 1X Barrier. I also pop in a Lord's ward to finish up my CD reduction and get some vision going with 1X Adv Chrono and 2X health.  My last Card is a toss up depending on what is happening in game and what I've built into. I'll usually have 9-10 cards left for full build. So other than putting in another defensive card (a snakevine mevish or a Lantern of Spring) I can also sub in some more dmg with a Celestine Diamond with 1X Major cast 2X Cast.

My goal as a Dekker is to constantly change the pace of encounters, I want to assist and set up combos for big kills, But Dekker is one of, if not the, best peelers in the game. Her stun, slow, move buff with jump and Ult are amazing peels.  She can be absolutely infuriating to other teams and in the game's current build she's without a doubt, in my opinion, the best support in the game.  The reason I say that is because of how good all her abilities are both offensively and defensively.  All 4 of her abilities are great tools to get a kill and run away from being killed. When using her Ult Offensively, try to hold off on using it until the character you are trying to kill has used their ability that gets them out easily.  A Gideon or a Feng for example, try to bait an early teleport by hitting them with a stun then once they teleport right after the stun then put them in the Ult. I've had a lot more success since being more passive on using my Ult in the early part of an engagement.  Don't be afraid to use your Ult quickly when a teammate is being jumped. get your Ult out, throw a stun and give your teammate a movement buff with your jump asap.  If you Build cooldown reduction, everything comes back so quickly you don't need to hold on to your Ult for the perfect timing.

I don't use any active cards with Dekker.  I feel as though using my cards to boost her stats is better than trying to add another trick to her bag, she already has everything she needs.

The one thing I can admit is that sometimes I run into situations where i'm often OOM in the mid game.  If this is a problem for you guys try switching out the health in the Lord's ward with Mana which will give her more casting and a little bit less survivability.

Hope this guide helps people with their Dekker's.  If you guys have any suggestions or changes to what I build feel free to comment, i'd love some feedback.  Other than that if you ever Q up and i'm on your team, let me have Dekker... I suck with everyone else!