Bruhimera Build
  • Hero: Khaimera
  • Last updated: 7 months ago

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Build Guide

This build gives you some penetration, damage, attack speed to help jungling and sustaining with your Regen skill, and some nice armor to make you alot more durable during fights.

As soon as you start level up your regen to help you jungle. Then unleash to further increase that effect; then Ambush and on lvl 3 you are ready to gank.

Afterwards, the ability priorities are Cull(duh), Regen, Ambush, and lastly, Unleash.

Start of with a Flashfire Piston and a Harvester Key. youre a jungler, do your job! plant the godamn harvesters! ditch the harvester key when the time is right and you are 1 cp down from finishing a card later on.

Finish your Flashfire Piston, then the Rustbreaker. After that, get a Spiked Boneplate (or Thorned if the enemy damage dealers are mainly energy), but dont upgrade it- finish the first Windcarver blade(3-2-2). Then, the same thing with Thorned- get the Item and dont upgrade it; buy and finish the second windcarver, and then finish the Thorned Greenweave.

You can also replace the second windcarver with a Brand of the Ironeater for some more lifesteal.

Always try and save your leap for a gap closer.  You dont want to initiate with your leap only to get knocked away.