THE BANE TwinBlast Build

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Build Guide

Right so this build isn't like any other other twinblast build because its straight up op and will for sure  allow you to win ANY 1v1 fights if It ever comes down to it,  just as long as you play your card right at mid game you should be destroying just keep in mind make sure your levelling right and staying ahead. By end game 40-50mins in you will truly become the bane by the enemies team

All you have to do is follow this guide but here's a quick recommendation, I'd Say Its best to replace Adamant Edge and the upgrades If you want more damage as you either have to choose that card or Hunger-Maul for the life steal. This option you will see occur at end game judging  you are maxed at 60 card points, Please be sure to play around with the build till you get to understand; the best way to do this is in solo vs bots just to get the hang of it.

quick Heads Up

I'll be making updates to this build as I find better cards that match my gameplay, feel free to let me know of any suggestions.