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Hey Everyone, Bootsnpots here with a guide to Grux in the jungle.

Grux offers incredible CC and damage to any team which makes him great as a jungler with the ability to pull off amazing ganks to snowball your team to victory.  Grux's kit allows him to clear the jungle incredibly fast with his Double Pain ability and you build life steal on him to keep him sustained. In team fights if you're able to land a multi-man Smash & Grab (Q) combo'd with a Warlord's Challenge (R) and Double Pain (RMB) you're almost surely to win that fight. 

Through this guide I will break down what you should be doing and buying throughout the game.

Your Role as Jungler:

Your role as a Jungler is ultimately to provide support for your lanes. This comes in many forms and I'll talk about the most effective ways you can benefit your team and win the game.  Harvesters - these are critical to your team's success and a jungler who can properly optimize gathering these will provide a hefty advantage to his/her team. Wards - these are to scout where your enemies are. Knowledge is power, if you know where your opponents are you will have the edge in any fight and this information will also allow you to play more/less aggressively depending on the information given. Ganking & Farming - this is the bread and butter of jungling, a jungler who can optimize these effectively will not only put his team ahead but will also boost himself to the ranks. Lane Support - this is a less glamorous part of the game but is very necessary, if you laners need to back from getting bullied in lane, go cover their lane for them, don't allow the enemy to get free farm and free turret damage. 

Early Game:

I personally start with a Health Potion, Mana Potion, and a Harvester Key. I choose these items to ensure a safe first clear that allows me to look for a level 2 or 3 gank.  Always start red buff with your duo lane giving you a leash (assisting you on the camp) and having them leave at 1:10 to allow you to finish the camp on your own and get all of the exp. For this first camp I recommend leveling your Double Pain first, it has more dps than your Q and it costs less mana and as you'll quickly find out, mana management on Grux is going to be a pain.

For the second camp, I recommend the one closest to red lane, this way you can get your gank off as soon as you hit two. Level up your Q once you hit level 2 and head around the flank for a gank on the duo lane(be aware of wards the enemy may have placed), make sure you try to focus one of the enemies as you're more likely to get a kill if you all focus fire, save your Q for when they use their escape. If you happen to get a double kill, congratulations you've probably just won the game as you're about to become and unstoppable monster.

For the rest of the early game farm camps as efficiently as possible and set up harvesters for your team. Set up harvesters for your team. SET UP HARVESTERS FOR YOUR TEAM. I hope that is clear. I highly recommend buying an Assassin's Ward before Flashfire Piston temporarily so that you can control the map through vision. Sell this at full build and replace it with Berzerker Drive. You'll clear through your jungle extremely fast because of Grux's excellent AoE on his RMB and will begin to heavily out pace your opponents. Make sure you capitalize on this and gank enemy laners when they're pushed up in lane. What I like to do is even in they're just in a safe spot in lane, run up in travel mode and get your combo off to hopefully kill them or to just make them respect your presence and back off of their wave in fear of another gank.

Mid-Late Game:

Here is where Grux really shines, his team fighting is incredible if you can land your combos correctly and can 1v2 or even 1v3 if you're fed enough. This is where you want to group up with your team and push down towers.

I'll break down a scenario for a good Mid-Late Game team fight:

Your team and their team are facing off and each of the casters and rangers are poking the opposing tanks while trying to set up a favorable minion wave, what you want to do as Grux is to get in travel mode and try to get in range for a 2-3-4 man Q, so it happens, you see the perfect opportunity, run up and hit 3 of them with your Q, you use your R and combo it with a RMB, continue on attacking their MVP (usually a Murdock or Gideon), once you've killed them you can either dash out of the fight using your E or continue on smashing face, I really recommend saving your E to exit the fight, though. 

One thing to really make sure of in a Late-Game team fight, though, is your mana. Make sure once you use your entire combo that you have enough mana to finish the fight or enough to escape the fight.

General Tips & Tricks:

Dont use Q or E on Jungle Camps, this wastes a lot of mana and these abilities don't do more DPS than you just auto-attacking and using RMB.

To efficiently clear camps use RMB right after you have auto-attacked, effectively weaving the spell in-between your auto's.

Don't be greedy with your HP & MP Potions, eat them like candy - you never know when you're going to find someone else in your jungle.

When ganking, try to stay in between the enemy and their tower, this way they have to completely go through you to get to safety, and on this note, don't use your gap closer until they use theirs, this will ensure you're always able to stick to them. 

When ganking don't use your Q until you need to, if your on them smashing their face, just keep on doing that, no need for change. Use your Q when they think they've escaped to the security of their tower.

Use your Q to pull enemies into your tower. This is very effective when getting siege'd, if you grip one or two enemies into your tower and they take tower damage, they are far less likely to stick around to try and take it.

When backing, try to back on a harvester, it gets your team extra exp and may be just enough to get you those extra 3 CP. (Don't go really out of your way for this, or if time is of the essence)

Never back without placing a ward, if possible.

Ability Leveling:

Priority: R > RMB > Q > E

I max RMB first because of its insane DPS and its low mana cost. Q second because it scales better than E, and E last because it's just a gap closer / escape that you usually only use once a fight.


I really love attack speed on Grux right now because of how high is base damage already is, someone on reddit made a great post on how attack speed is the biggest dps increase in the game right now ahead of crit and raw damage because of the way everything scales at the moment. Your Assassin's Ward will cover your early game life steal needs and Rust-Breaker will ensure you're able to shred through tanks and deal close to true damage on squishy targets. I think Adamant Edge and Bloodsoaked armor are a good combo because AE offers the Health that Bloodsoaked armor doesn't while also giving you a bit of damage and Bloodsoaked giving you more Armor Resistance (this is why I go full Health on AE, it's our only source of external Health). If you feel like you'd like to be more tanky you can use Amulet of the Veteran instead of Adamant Edge and gain an extra 200 health for sacrificing 15 attack. They're the same card basically (but I'm pretty sure everyone starts with Adamant Edge).

I always recommend at least one defensive item. In this build I chose Bloodsoaked armor but you can easily use Tempered Plate or Tuned Barrier. Just assess who on the enemy team is the bigger threat and build your resistance accordingly.

This is it for this Grux guide guys, I had a lot of fun making it and if you have any questions hit me up in-game @ Bootsnpots, I'll gladly answer any questions you have. I will be constantly updating this guide with each new patch and new piece of information I come across to ensure you guys have the most up-to-date information about what I think is the best in the meta. Sorry if this guide wasn't perfect, it's literally the first guide I've ever made. If you have any suggestions on how it can be improved let me know!

Thanks o/