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Hello. Just excuse me for my English transliteration. I myself played on Iggy & Scorch 48 matches, including 35 winnings. So I think I found the perfect build for the current version of Paragon. Iggy & Scorch one of the strongest characters in the beginning of the game, as well as in the middle. But in the end he starts prosidat, but personally I love dasozhdat opponent shove three lines running to and fro.
I start the game with a mana potion, health potion and cast token. Next, the entire first thing I take Drink the Spirits, why then this calculator, it is worth 6 points, when in fact 4. With it we indestructibility. Good regen from the creeps, which we kill a pack, and when mixing, while killing you or an ally of the hero recovers a lot of health. With her team fights when I almost always full health (assuming normal Teammate).About Magus' Ward say no, our eyes - that's all. The physical and magical armor is needed in any case (assuming different characters in the opposing team). But you do not think that taking these cards it will be tanks like Steele or Sevarog, it only gives you a chance to live a little longer. Staff of Adamant - add zhevuchesti and little damage. And probably one of the most important - Meltdovn. If the opposing team 5 or 4 people gathered magical protection, then take 2 or 3 card penetration, as anyone convenient. And if only one or two, then only one card.
Well, almost all, personally I love to play for Iggy, but also to hate his enemy team. When playing for Iggy I Kill ranking average, deaths almost there, almost. But a lot of assists. So play for Iggy and burns everything to ashes.