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Build Guide

Important note! None of the six cards have any actives so the slot order is the build order (I/E Flashfire piston is the first card you buy and golden veil is the last)

To start the game you should run a health potion and two strike tokens. If you have only one strike token run a mana pot; if you have none just run a health/mana pot.  

The build order is not set in stone. Don't be afraid to move around the build order depending on how the game is playing out. If the enemy team is doing a lot of damage in the past I have moved Blast Harness to the last or second to last card built. The armor cards order can also change depending on the enemies you are facing. 
Be careful until you are level five! You are not very useful until you have your ultimate. Greystone's greatest asset is being able to aggressively push without fear of permanent death. so you must always play safe before you are level 5 or when your ultimate is on cooldown. 
Jungle often and jungle freely. Now Greystone is technically not a jungler, but if your teammates are leaving jungle minions take them. That being said you should always take the enemies jungle minions with Greystone because of his incredible escape abilities (we will get into that).
You can escape anything! Greystone's assault the gates ability (Right click/R1) Is one of the best escape abilities in the game. Its versatile nature allows you to not only move for distance but to jump to ledges. This in combination with your ultimate makes in very hard to die. Some notable ledges you can jump on that you should keep in mind are the mid lane ledges with the mana pools at the top. The ledges at the right and left tier two towers allowing for jungle escape. There are also multiple ledges in the jungle that can get you out of those close-quarters sticky situations. The only time you should use assault the gates offensively is if you have a near confirmed kill and they use their escape and you need to close in the secure the kill.