Unique Damage Swap/Hybrid Build
  • Hero: Sevarog
  • Last updated: 4 months ago

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Ability Leveling

Hammer (left-click)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Phantom Rush (right-click)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Siphon (Q)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Subjugate (E)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Colossal Blow (R)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Build Guide

This is a very intricate and interchangeable build. But it is phenomenal in terms of it's adaptability and success rate. I will be explaining more of the interchangeables-it really is more simple than it sounds. I also work with what i have. :)

-I will also be listing more cards than actually shown! (40/40)-full capacity.

Strategy lies within how well your progression of the build applies to your ever-changing early game.

Early Game

-Start with (3)
Brawlers ward for damage to your siphon and an imperative mana pool. Wards are quintessential to Sevarog's tactical usefulness, as knowledge of where enemies are benefit not only you-but your team as well, and allows for Early ganks or counter-jungling, if that is more your style.
Any 3-pt ward will work-perhaps more aggressive junglers make use of assassins ward

-However, by your next level you will complete Brawlers ward for a quick 6 point completion which is desirable for quick levelling (
*I lack another (1)basic mana, so i still need to make this reduction to a 6 point)-Giving you all the mana you will EVER need for Sevarog's rounds, and acquire an early edge on damage.
Because i lack this 1 pt card, i get a (1)minor strike and (1)basic mana, and grab either: Jungle Potion, Mana Potion. 

Jungle potion will help deal more damage to neutral creep/jungle white camps early game, or you can choose mana potion for more siphon action for STACKS-I tend to Lane more, and i know teammates appreciate this-especially as Sevarog, so i grab the mana potion.
Again-the jungle potion is a great option for the avid-junglers early game.

More aggressive counter-jungling and lane-ganking should begin at this point-position wards in their territory, close to lanes but in the jungle.

The next 3-6 points you need to double back for (4)Swiftcreek Heart(discard potion if you have 3 pts, wait until 6 accumulate if you wanna keep your mana potion-i wouldn't recommend keeping jungle potion too long into the game) and grab: Swiftcreek Heart-and grab the 2-(1)minor kinetics. If you had 6 points you will still have 1 stray invested somewhere(whatever you have for potion), use it on a Vampiric Elixir, or a Srike or Health Token-whatever you can preferably fit in your deck-although Mana is always great to keep.
-The kinetic is necessary to deliver more attacks for better siphon action, it also carries your damage into effective consideration when the other team see's you swing your hammer around fast enough-I see alot of advice to spend 9 points on kinetics-this is simply too much-


At this point you need to determine the greatest damage threats on the enemy team-And pick up either Spiked Boneplate or Tuned Barrier.
If it is pretty balanced, get Spiked Boneplate to start working damage:

(12)-Spiked Boneplate(3) (12): 3-(3)major strikes, and 2-(3)Beta Guards Allow plenty of versatility. Always get a major strike first, then build the other two slots for a full upgrade to compensate for your enemies strengths. If they are all pushing for damage-build both Beta Guards.-You will still be getting a little more damage either way. Totally your choice!
(12)-Splinterbark Vest(6): 3-(2)Barriers, and (4)Beta Health- Because there is no bonus-you can choose less resistance for an even larger health pool. 
   -This is a great replacement for a slotted (12)-point Tuned barrier or Thorned Greenweave, it will also help tear through enemy Armour for your team to do even more damage-it seems most players run alot of heavy damage builds currently, so this makes you even more invaluable tank combined with later game effects.

If you had 1 point remaining and invested in a potion after completing swiftcreek heart's last 2-point token, sacrifice the potionon your next CXP level-up, and pick up 
-Madspore Sash- for a mid-game edge!! (we'll see why below)

THIS is why this deck is so great. 
All options are really obvious or clear during a match-you will know what you need by what has already occurred!

Leave the armour upgrades for mid-late game though.

Mid-late Game
It's difficult to say where you should be at, at this point. Whenever you feel balanced enough to take some damage from what-should-be-your-specific-accommodation-for armour, (as in you pay attention to your enemy builds), as well as dish some damage out-you can get Madspore Sash.Upgrade 2-(1)minor heal's(Because i lack 2 minor guards)

-This does wonders for you at this point. Because regardless what you are building it benefits you. It gives you armour to supplement you close-combat build or to fend off the pesky single fighter in 3-4 enemy caster matches.
But the real benefits are the effects and health regen. This will deal 15 energy damage/second to anyone around you-Minions too( a powerful tool for a physical fighter-and exclusive to growth-in my mind Sevarog or rampage are the only ones that benefit-especially with rampage's passive.) However i see up to 28 dmg/sec when i utilize this card. The Alpha heal is more efficient than the other heals, and is one of the only upgrade's that scale beyond each respective token value-it's ratio is NOT proportioned(by almost 3 health/sec!)-take advantage of this.

-This extra proximity damage is essentially Riktor's electrocute, and makes Wave clear better for laning, Jungling/buffs, and siphoning. It also adds up on a long 1v1 battle.

-It also discourages enemies to want to even be near you-as you are constantly damaging over your own attack, while you heal.

Combo this with Baneflesh-and suddenly Grux, Kaihmera,Feng Mao even pre-ultimate Rampage will soon learn to back off.
The rest are easy pickings.

You should have a single stray point (1)-Upon next level up, grab (4)Baneflesh.

So next is..
(4)Baneflesh (1-minor health, 2-health, 2-health)-it's Rare because of it's minor secondary effect-which is resetting upon being poisoned-a total counter to tainted magic-the option of health upgrade or crit. makes it a viable card for tanks AND fighters-anything on the frontline-combo it with Madspore sash and effectively kill or fend off almost anyone simply by outlasting them. The damage swap  from the sash's effect and a poison stack, as well as health regen will almost always be too much-given the correct defence's and health pool. 
Upgrading this should be last priority, as there is no bonus to completing. The low cards are for stray points and more attainable instant reward, as baneflesh is at odds with the CXP system, being a 4 point card

*Final Option Swap*
If, for whatever reason there is no need to build Barrier resistance(only energy is Muriel or other caster support like Fey or Lt. Belicia that isn't building any damage) That 12 points of CXP is totally available elswhere. I carry Amulet of the Veteran in my deck as last resort. It's lined with 3-(2)point cards, and 3-(3) points. For a total of 9, or 12 interchangeably. This will make you even more dangerous with either damage, health pool or a bit of both respective to your game.

Here is a breakdown of interchangeability(for ANYthing really-this guide is for you to mold to what works for you.)
Brawler's Ward(3)+1+1+2(ideally 6, but 7 for me)
Swiftcreek Heart(4)+1+1=(8)
Spiked Boneplate(3)+3+3+3=(12)
Splinterbark Vest(6)+2+2+2=(12)
Madspore Sash(5)+1+1+5=(12) potentially (6,7,10,11) Remember there is no bonus
Baneflesh(4)+1+2+2=(9)-also potentially (5,6,7 or 9) remember there is no bonus 

That is.........................(60) CXP total

Amulet of the Veteran(3)+2+2+2=(9)
                                                     =300 bonus health
You can see why i would swap this out for anything in this deck-although keeping the vicious combo of Baneflesh and Madspore Sash can either be useful or not helpful-either way it can be swapped with Baneflesh, or tuned barrier-i wouldn't advise switching out your damage on Spiked Boneplate unless damage is the absolute last thing your team needs.

As always, the key to victory is knowing when to push, when to defend, when to gank. To help your teammates when they push-especially as Sevarog. This is a Tank hybrid meant deal various forms of damage, to protect your teammates and crash towers-not exclusively jungle, or for an incredible amount of kills. A late-Game Brawler at best.

*final note*
-i will be seeking changes once i acquire Stonetooth heart and Thorned Greenweave, in case anyone has been wondering

Please share some of your feedback or how you think this may benefit you! As it is an utterly adaptable deck! There is no right way.