The Blood Cultist Build
  • Hero: Khaimera
  • Last updated: 4 months ago

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Build Guide

This build basically revolves around attacking as fast as possible in order to hit crits more consistently. Getting a Rust-Breaker early game and adding 3 major strikes will give you the damage required to dispatch of enemies efficiently. Secondly, the Brand of the Ironeater with 2 Major Wounds and a Greater Drain would give you the added bonus of crit damage, as well as a secondary drain buff along with Khaimera's ability "Spirit Regeneration". Next, the core of the build - Blast Harness should be upgraded with 3 fury kinetics. In my build I use 2 Brutal Kinetics along with 1 Vicious Kinetic. This will give Khaimera a very quick attack speed which would be used to quickly dispatch of jungle creeps and enemy heroes. Along with this, as Blast Harness was modded with 3 Fury Affinity upgrades, it toggles the added effect of doing +50% crit damage. After this two Impact Hammers would ensure additional Crit chance and damage. Finally a Tempered Plate upgraded with 2 Greater Healths and 1 Beta Guard will add to Khaimera's survivability late game. By the end of the build Khaimera would deal up to 217 damage on a nomal Hack attack and up to 440 damage on a crit auto attack. 

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