Major killer Build
  • Hero: Kwang
  • Last updated: 3 months ago

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Build Guide

Just wanted to stress im still working on this build any suggestions would be welcome although i might not agree!

Starting cards:

(With your passive life steal and these starting cards your a beast)

Health potion and healer token

Assassins ward 3 lesser drain 

Adament edge 3 lesser healths


Ok so i normally wouldnt suggest what abilitys to get first but with kwang i think its kind of important i dont know the pc controls so ill give them names ;p

You should get either the passive life steal or the lightning as your starting ability unless you need the sword trap for a early gank i would suggest upgrading the lightning to max first it does decent damage and gives you a little armor, throwing your sword is pretty useless apart from the trap if you get it next to them. However you need 1 point in throwing your sword before level 5 this is necessary for your ultimate early game you can kill someone thats on just under half health with unltimate followed up by lightning i cant stress enough dont use your ultimate unless they are trapped by your sword or stood right next to you 90% of the time you will miss if they are not