Owww-Itzer Build
  • Hero: Howitzer
  • Last updated: 1 month ago

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Build Guide

Howie's BACK !!! lol

This build will make your enemies wanna forfeit.

If you know how to jungle the mid lane properly yes i said jungle the mid lane.

As the mid laner any time your lane is pushed you should be either helping off lane or safe lane, taking river buffs, also you should be assisting the jungler by taking both the Green buff and the camp just to the left of mid.

by doing this you get to share the green buff with the jungler ( the hero staying in lane gets the buff)

also the little extra cxp you get will help you build your equipment quicker making you a threat.

the final build is different than the starting build.

you will start with a mana potion and two cast tokens

first back you buy one of two burst engines with one casts on them to finish them quicklly

and then later you will discard them for higher cost cardsĀ 

this makes sure that you are fully upgrading your equipment early giving you extra bonuses for completing your items

only build mana on the ward it is for additional cast power and it increases you overall base mana which fuels Hydroverser.