Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I make a profile? / Help, my profile cannot be found!

Your profile is automatically created when you play a PvP game. Bot games are not included at this time.

How do you calculate Elo?

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is not the same as Elo.

There is no official MMR ratings given by Epic to display the MMR that is used for matchmaking at this time.

We use a proprietary Elo based formula to calculate your Elo based on player performance, win history and other variables. This formula was created after extensive studies of match making algorithms used by other competitive games as well publicly available information.

This is a living forumla that is constantly being updated and tweaked to better display a player's skill level.

How do you calculate Divisions?

Divisions are based on Elo and your ranking as compared to other players. All players start at a base Elo of 1,500.

  • Bronze:     0 - 1,399
  • Silver:       1,400 - 1,599
  • Gold:      1,600 - 1,799
  • Platinum:   1,800 - 1,999
  • Diamond:   2000+
  • Masters:     Top 100 ranked players