📰The ETA for Fury.gg Servers has been shifted! We will release in a couple weeks! join the Discord for more information!🥳

7 Days To Die Servers

Coming Soon!  – EST Release date : Soon available keep an eye on this page!

Server Info

Follow This page to get up-to-date with the release of our Alpha 17 Server. Once Alpha 17 is out of Experimental version, we will open our server!

Status Bar

Server Available
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Public Release [Soon]

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When will the Server be Available?

We expect it to be available at the release of Stable Alpha 17

What plugins will the server run?

We will only run stable plugins and use the best server managers that are available. We offer quality, and that is what you can expect from Fury.gg

Why one community?

We want to create a creative gaming community not limited to one game server. We want to offer the best and professional server that other servers can’t offer, and doing it on large scale means more servers.

What Server Hosting will Fury.gg use?

Fury.gg is an experienced server host. As you can tell we are hosting Rust Servers as well. We will Run our 7 Days to die server on one of the best Dedicated servers that are available.

Can i sponsor Fury.gg?

Looking to sponsor us? Want to be involved with the community

Use the contact form to contact our Admins or PM one of the Admin’s in the Discord.

Can i donate?

Yes, you can donate. All your donated money will be contributed to our hosting of all services. Such as Webhosting,Server hosting, external systems.

You can donate here: