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Rust Server Rules

Server Rules

1. Don’t exceed the group limit we will not give any warnings, if you break it you are banned[Solo: 1 Solo/Duo: 2 | 2x Vanilla: N/A]

2. No toxic behaviour, racism or trolling. If we think you cross the line, you will receive a warning.

3. On Solo/Duo server do not Ally with other players, or friendly neighbour or helping each other out.

4. No cheating, bugging or any abuse that is against the systems will be a global wipe on the servers.

5. See a Cheater? Dont call out ingame, you can get muted for calling out cheaters, they will stop cheating and we can no longer inspect them.

6. ^ Same counts for teamers. Dont call out, Report (Only counts for servers with group limit ofcourse)

7. Always respect the admin, even when you think they’re wrong.

8.  Dont advertise other servers, this can get you banned!

10.Trading on Solo & Solo/Duo server is only allowed through shopping front or vending machine OR in compound/bandit town.