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VIP - Features

You can check out what benefit comes with what VIP here.

Every Wipe Large Mystery Boxes

Every Wipe you can claim Large Mystery Boxes as a thank you for donating to our server. The amount is based on the VIP rank you bought.

use /claimboxes to claim them.

What is inside of them?

Resources are the most common to get out of the Mystery Boxes the other items have a lower percentage of chance to obtain, however they aren’t 1% Guns are 10% chance which is pretty high.

NOTE: We want to balance our server so they are wipe blocked for 12 hours we recommend you claiming the boxes after your wipe block is over. VIP++ & MVP have a shorter wipe block.

If you just want to get Mystery Boxes but no VIP you can buy them seperatly here.

If you buy them seperately make sure to be alive & ingame to get them because they will be instantly placed in your inventory. Also note that the wipeblock will still remain, so make sure to checkout the wipe time ingame with the command /wipe

Bypass Join Queue

This feature let you skip the queue and gives you a private slot so you can always join the server even if it is full!

Box Sorter

When you are VIP you get access to our special box sorter to know more about it the plugin developer has made a video to show how it works (Just scroll through the video its a bit long)


You can split resources in furnaces,campfires,oil refinery easily with this plugin.
Here is a preview how it looks like:
 It automatically splits  in even stacks, and takes the right amount of wood.

Sign Artist

With Sign artist you can use an image from the internet to put on signs
Here is an example of how the command works:
here is the result:



With Skinbox you get access to skins you normally have to buy. simply type /skinbox and you can drag in the item you want to skin here in an example how it looks like:

Simply drag out the skin you want to use and your item is skinned!

Reduced Bag Timers

VIP Members that have the permission Reduced Bag Timers will have a bag timer of 130 seconds and a bed timer of 50 seconds.

More Health/Hunger On Spawn

Vip Members with the Permission More Health/Hunger on Spawn will spawn/login with full HP + Food

Personal Horse

VIP Members with the permission Personal Horse can spawn in their personal horse with /horse¬†note that it does have a timer so you can’t spawn infinite horses.

Outpost Respawn

VIP Members with the permission Outpost Respawn can respawn always at Outpost they will get an extra spawn option when they died.

Reduced WipeBlock on Large Mysteryboxes

VIP Members with this permission will have earlier access to Large MysteryBoxes 

VIP++ = 10 Hours into the Wipe

MVP = 8 Hours Into the wipe

Toggle Tags

VIP Members have the option to stay anonymous they can use the command /tags to hide their VIP Tag.


Personal Minicopter

MVP Members have access to their personal Minicopter they can spawn it in with /mymini 

Minicopter Locking

MVP members can lock their Minicopter when spawning a minicopter simply do /vlock and look at the minicopter. MVP members can own an additional vehicle that is not spawned in but found on the road.

To claim those look at the minicopter and type /vclaim and after that put a codelock on it with /vlock


Mystery Airdrop x2

MVP Members get once 2x a Mystery Airdrop, this is only once and not each wipe. Just as a thank you for getting MVP. Use /drop to let the aidrops fall down.

These airdrop can be bought seperately here

What can i get out of a Massive Mystery Airdrop?

-Small Mystery Boxes: Min 10 – Max 15

– Medium Mystery Boxes – Min 2 – Max 5

– Large Mystery Boxes Min 2 – Max 4

You can check out what benefit comes with what VIP here.